Noisy start to Assembly session as opposition stalls proceedings

Wiley India Porvorim: The monsoon session of the Goa Legislative Assembly began on a noisy note on Tuesday with the opposition benches creating a ruckus demanding the immediate withdrawal of the government circular banning officials from visiting the residences or offices of public representatives. Wiley India Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar refused to withdraw the circular but assured to undertake necessary amendments if required following a discussion on the Calling Attention Motion scheduled on Wednesday. Wiley India When the session began at 11.30 am, Congress moved an adjournment motion demanding withdrawal of the circular issued in June banning government officials from visiting the residences of public representatives – that includes MLAs too – or paying site visits without approval from the heads of the departments. Wiley India Congress did not allow the business of the House to take place during Question Hour, despite Speaker Dr Pramod Sawant disallowing the motion. Wiley India Congress MLAs later rushed to well of the House demanding an explanation from the Speaker for disallowing the motion. Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) MLA Churchill Alemao too supported the motion.
Wiley India Sawant, while disallowing the motion, stated that the issue has been considered as Calling Attention Motion scheduled to be discussed on Wednesday on the floor of the House. He said that the issue can be raised during the discussion on Budget or Motion of Thanks to the Governor’s address. Wiley India But the opposition benches, led by the Leader of the Opposition Chandrakant Kavalekar refused to pay heed to the Speaker and continued raising the issue. They accused the chief minister of being a ‘dictator’.Even as the Speaker called out the Question Hour and BJP MLA Nilesh Cabral raised the question tabled by him, opposition MLAs demanded that the House consider their motion. Wiley India “We want government to withdraw the circular. This is anti-people circular. We are not going to accept it,” Kavalekar told the House.However, the Chief Minister while agreeing to a discussion on the matter, refused to withdraw the circular. Wiley India “I will not withdraw the circular but it can be amended to ensure that problem faced by the MLAs be resolved,” he said adding, “I am open for solution on this matter but not withdrawal.”
Wiley India In a reference to Congress MLA Ravi Naik, the Chief Minister said that ‘only one MLA has this personal issue and not people issue’. “Congress doesn’t want any discussion but publicity,” he said. Wiley India Panchayat Minister Mauvin Godinho said the opposition is bankrupt on issues and hence are making attempts to stall the House on an administrative issue. “Opposition is holding the House to ransom for some unwarranted issue. Wiley India This should not be accepted. There are several other important people related issues to be discussed,” he said.
Wiley India The Speaker was forced to adjourn the House for 15 minutes initially.“It is against the Representation of People’s Act not to allow the adjournment motion. You are custodian of this House,” Congress MLA Luizinho Faleiro said while noisy scenes continued on the floor.
Wiley India He was joined by another Congress MLA Aleixo Reginaldo Lourenco who stated that it is the decision of the united opposition to move an adjournment motion which should be honoured by the Speaker.
Wiley India When the session resumed, the opposition continued the ruckus, which went on even in the second session after the lunch break forcing yet another adjournment for 15 minutes.
Wiley India Parrikar assured the House that he was ready to discuss the issue during Zero Hour. “I have no ego issue. But there is no need to withdraw the circular. Their problem can be solved,” the Chief Minister said. The opposition was not satisfied and continued disrupting the session. Wiley India The Speaker, while disallowing the adjournment motion, quoted the earlier ruling of the House stating that “adjournment motion cannot be allowed during the discussion on budget or discussion on Governor’s speech.”Before the second adjournment, Ravi Naik attempted to stall the proceedings of the House no sooner the mid-session to which Parrikar once again insisted to hold a discussion during the Calling Attention Motion. Wiley India The CM even tried to pacify the situation clarifying the order was not meant for MLAs only but it included around 1,600 public representatives including panchayats.
Wiley India “There is no word ‘MLA’ in the circular. There are 1,600 public representatives in Goa. Let there be a discussion and I will come out with a satisfactory reply. I am ready for any changes if there is any difficulty… Wiley India But why does the opposition fear discussion,” he questioned as the opposition yet again created a noisy atmosphere.To this, Godinho stood asking the Congress leaders to stop their attitude of stalling the proceedings of the House stating, Wiley India “You are setting a bad precedent in the House. This is ‘hukumshahi’…You are resorting to ‘dadagiri,” he said and urged the Speaker not to allow the Opposition to hold the House to ransom. “CM has given categorical assurance. What more you need?” he questioned pointing at the opposition. Wiley India Godinho was joined by Tourism Minister Manohar Azgaonkar and GTDC Chairman Nilesh Cabral.

Wiley India CM calls opposition MLAs  for meeting today Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has called for a meeting with the opposition leaders over the circular that bans government officials from visiting the residences of public representatives, at his office at 9.30am on Wednesday.
Wiley India The decision was taken after the opposition repeatedly created a ruckus in the House demanding its withdrawal. “They (opposition) have wrong apprehensions. There will be a Calling Attention Motion tomorrow and before that we can meet at 9.30am. Whatever problems you have, raise it during the meeting. Wiley India I will take action accordingly. We can work out a solution but I will not modify without any discussion,” Parrikar said.

Wiley India Sr Rane is voice of reason in Congress chaos As the opposition and the ruling MLAs were involved in a war of words over the circular, seniormost MLA Pratapsingh Rane stood to express how hurt he was seeing the ruckus in the House. An emotional Rane requested the MLAs to maintain decorum in the House. Wiley India “If you are adamant, be so, but don’t spoil the name of Goa. People have got us elected to this House,” he said pointing at Congress MLAs who had been stalling the proceedings of the House.Some members disagreed with him and later staged a boycott except for Rane. Wiley India The Leader of Opposition Chandrakant Kavalekar was the only one to return thereafter.


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